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Member Price 7.10-7.14 24V 3000W All-in-One Solar Inverter Charger with Charge Controller

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Member Price 7.10-7.14 24V 3000W All-in-One Solar Inverter Charger with Charge Controller

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Member Price 7.10-7.14 24V 3000W All-in-One Solar Inverter Charger with Charge Controller
Member Price 7.10-7.14 24V 3000W All-in-One Solar Inverter Charger with Charge Controller
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Key Features

【All-in-One Solar Hybrid】 This all-in-one hybrid solar system represents a cutting-edge solution that integrates both solar and AC power supply. It combines 80A MPPT solar charging, AC/generator battery charging, and inverter into a convenient solution into one convenient package, elevating your off-grid system to a hybrid level and providing the ability to transform your system into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

【Compatible with All Battery Types】 Supports various battery types (AGM/Sealed, Gel, Lead-Acid, Lithium) with a customizable user mode.

【Reliable Pure Sine Wave】 Based on a fully digital intelligent design, the DC-AC inverter module uses advanced SPWM technology and generates a pure sine wave to convert DC to AC.

【4 charging modes available】 There are four charging modes to choose from: PV Prioriity Modes, Utility Priority Modes, Hybrid Charging Modes, Only Solar Charging Modes.

【Uninterruptible power supply】 With a built-in UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) function, the unit immediately switches to battery power during a blackout and prevents computers and other devices from shutting down.


The all-in-one solar inverter integrates a 24V 3000W inverter, an 80A charger, and a charge controller. It utilizes highly efficient MPPT technology of up to 99.9% to capture maximum solar energy at all times. With 4 charging modes and 3 output modes, it can meet various requirements. Comprehensive electronic protection features ensure the safety and stability of the entire system.

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Package include

24V 3000W All-in-One Solar Inverter Charger with Charge Controller

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12v 100Ah LiFoPo4 Batterie 5 Jahre Herstellergarantie




Rated Input Voltage: 220/230Vac Input Voltage Range:(170Vac~280Vac) ±2%,(90Vac-280Vac) ±2%
Frenquency:50Hz/ 60Hz (Auto Detect) Frenquency Range: 47±0.3Hz ~ 55±0.3Hz (50Hz), 57±0.3Hz ~ 65±0.3Hz (60Hz)
Overload/Short-Circuit Protection: Leitungsschutzschalter Efficiency: >95%
Conversion Time: 10ms (typical) Reverse Flow Protection: Available
Maximum Bypass Overload Current: 30A
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave Rated Output Power (W):3000
Power Factor:1 Rated Output Voltage (Vac): 230Vac
Output Voltage Error: ±5% Output Frequency (Hz): 50Hz ± 0,3Hz, 60Hz ± 0,3Hz
Maximum Efficiency: >92% Overload Protection: (102% < Load < 125%) ±10%: Report error and shut down output after 5 minutes; (125% < Load < 150%) ± 10%: Report error and shut down output after 10 seconds; Load >150% ±10%: Report error and shut down output after 5 seconds;
Peak Power: 6000VA
Durable Motors: 2HP
Battery Rated Input Voltage: 24V (Minimum Start Voltage 22V) Battery Voltage Range: Undervoltage Alarm/Cut-off Voltage/Overvoltage Alarm/Overvoltage Recovery... adjustable on the LCD screen
Power Saver Mode Consumption:Load ≤25W
Battery Type: Lead Acid and Lithium Battery Maximum Charging Current (adjustable): 0-80A
Charging Current Error: ± 5Adc Charging Voltage Range: 20 –33Vdc
Short-Circuit Protection: Circuit Breakers and Blown Fuses Circuit Breaker Specifications: 30A
Overload Protection: Alarm and Charging Shutdown After 1 Minute
Maximum PV Open Circuit Voltage: 500Vdc PV Operating Voltage Range: 120-500Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range: 120-450Vdc Battery Voltage Range: 20 –33Vdc
Maximum Input Power: 4000W PV Charging Current Range (adjustable): 0-80A
Short-Circuit Protection During Charging: Blown Fuse Wiring Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection
Maximum Charging Current (adjustable): 0-80A
Certification: CE(IEC 62109-1) EMC Certification Level: EN61000, C2
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 55°C Storage Temperature Range: -25°C to 60°C
Humidity Range: 5% to 95% (Protected by Conformal Coating) Noise: ≤60dB
Heat Dissipation: Fan Cooling, Variable Fan Speed Communication port: USB/CAN/RS485(WiFi/GPRS)/dry node control
Dimensions (L*W*T): 378mm*280mm*103mm
Weight (kg): 7.4
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    Li Battery 12V 100Ah